Our Services

Domestic Violence Shelter & Advocacy in Toledo, OH

How We Support Victims of Domestic Violence

In addition to safe shelter from domestic violence, Bethany House’s Adult Program provides advocacy and emotional support to reduce feelings of isolation, shame and guilt and help participants see themselves not as victims, but as survivors.

We also offer practical support including safety planning, financial planning, and assistance in filing for crime compensation and securing victim notification. We also provide survivors with case management services, connect them with community support, legal and social service resources, and act as an advocate on their behalf.

How We Support Youth

Young victims of domestic violence require special care and attention to reduce the impact of the abuse on their developing minds. Our Youth Program builds self-esteem and increases coping and safety skills.

We also teach them how to identify their feelings and minimize those of shame, isolation and guilt. Our trained staff effectively empowers children on topics such as gender roles, how to notice the warning signs and avoid unsafe relationships.

How We Support Family

Domestic abuse affects the whole family. We work with the non-offending parent to help them understand the impact of domestic violence on their children, and create a safe environment where children can talk about how they feel.

In addition, our staff makes every effort to reduce stress and provide a sense of normalcy for families with fun recreational activities and events.

A Step↑Up

Step↑Up offers extended advocacy services to all survivors completing Bethany House’s shelter program so they can continue accessing resources to meet their basic needs and achieve their goals – such as permanent housing, better employment, education, therapy. Step↑Up offers on-going programming to enhance survivors’ social and emotional well-being.

Our long-term shelter gives survivors the time they need to get on their feet. However, when the time comes to move on, finding safe, affordable housing can be a challenge. Step↑Up is a solution.

Through the support of private donors, we’ve acquired apartment units that are rented to those transitioning out of Bethany House’s shelter program at a reduced rate – lower than they may be able to find elsewhere. Residents in our Step↑Up housing benefit from the safety, stability and security of Bethany House’s facility.

How We Connect with Our Community

Bethany House staff members are passionate advocates for the safety of domestic abuse survivors and their children. They provide education and training on domestic violence for local community groups and homeless shelters, and they take an active role in Toledo-area community organizations focused on preventing homelessness and domestic violence.

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