Silent Witness Project

Current Figures

The Silent Witness Project current consists of over 55 Silent Witnesses who lives were abruptly and violently ended at the hands of a husband, ex-husband, partner or stalker.

We remember their names.

Juanita AlmeidaFindlay, OhioAge 44
Dawn AtwaterOak Harbor, OhioAge 30
Rachelle BaskeySandusky, OhioAge 24
Linda BeachBellevue, OhioAge 63
Julia BedfordWalbridge, OhioAge 40
CreJonnia BellToledo, OhioAge 19
Tammy Bowlin-MacraeToledo, OhioAge 47
Cheryl BugbeeToledo, OhioAge 21
Teresa BurgeLima, OhioAge 43
Vanessa Byrd-TuckerToledo, OhioAge 54
Alicia CastillonBowling Green, OhioAge 30
Karen ColdwellNorth Baltimore, OhioAge 51
Gerri CollerDelphos, OhioAge 42
Jill DorseyWauseon, OhioAge 44
Charlotte EvansSandusky, OhioAge 32
Henrietta FosterPerrysburg, OhioAge 57
Leandra FrankumPerrysburg, OhioAge 21
Christian GarzaDefiance, OhioAge 61
Kaitlin GerberToledo, OhioAge 20
Katie GlassnerDelta, OhioAge 24
Carlin GlennLima, OhioAge 46
Melanie GoldenToledo, OhioAge 36
Brandi Gonyer-BoastonSpringfield TownshipAge 28
Brenda GouldToledo, OhioAge 46
Ursula GravesToledo, OhioAge 42
Cynthia HawkinberryTiffin, OhioAge 49
Karen HolmesMarblehead, OhioAge 22
Jazmon HoskinsToledo, OhioAge 21
Amber Nichole JonesNorthwood, OhioAge 26
Joscelyn JonesToledo, OhioAge 16
Jordan Jones-HarrisToledo, OhioAge 23
Cathryn LambertRossford, OhioAge 50
Tonya McKinleyToledo, OhioAge 45
Lorie MillerSandusky, OhioAge 33
Katie NagelNapoleon, OhioAge 19
Mirvat RamadanToledo, OhioAge 40
Gloria Renee SearsBellevue, OhioAge 46
Laconn RiosToledo, OhioAge 26
Danielle Robinson DonohoFindlay, OhioAge 29
Amy RossOak Harbor, OhioAge 43
Leslie Sexton WaingrowToledo, OhioAge 32
Jennifer ShivelyToledo, OhioAge 27
Beth SpauldingFremont, OhioAge 31
Amanda SteinbrecherToledo, OhioAge 18
Angela TierneySandusky, OhioAge 31
Wendabi TripllettToledo, OhioAge 41
April VannCelina, OhioAge 33
Maria VeraNorwalk, OhioAge 22
Shirley WalkerToledo, OhioAge 53
Katie WaltonToledo, OhioAge 29
Betty WeaverBellevue, OhioAge 66
Tiffany WilbornToledo, OhioAge 23
Janae WilsonToledo, OhioAge 24
Holly ZimmerToledo, OhioAge 32

Retired Figures

In order to keep the Silent Witness display current, figures are “retired” after ten years. However, their chest plates are kept and displayed at the annual Unveiling Ceremony every October.

We remember their names.

Rhonda AnayaSylvania, OhioAge 43
Elizabeth BartkavageHolland, OhioAge 32
Patricia BooherNorwalk, OhioAge 24
Arletha BrownToledo, OhioAge 32
Denise Butler-JoinerSandusky, OhioAge 32
Carmen ChitmanLima, OhioAge 51
Guadalupe CostillaToledo, OhioAge 40
Susan CoxToledo, OhioAge 43
Lynnette CraftSwanton, OhioAge 36
Kimberly DantzerToledo, OhioAge 30
Christina DealToledo, OhioAge 18
Michelle DescantBowling Green, OhioAge 24
LuAnn DownardRudolph, OhioAge 36
Alisha DuncanPort Clinton, OhioAge 18
Claudia FonsecaSandusky, OhioAge 40
Laura GaddyDelphos, OhioAge 46
Carol GeringerPerrysburg, OhioAge 44
Denise GloverToledo, OhioAge 29
Ericka GrahamToledo, OhioAge 27
Shynerra GrantToledo, OhioAge 17
Catrise GregoryToledo, OhioAge 17
Cynthia HaleToledo, OhioAge 37
Sonya HayesToledo, OhioAge 26
Susan HichbornToledo, OhioAge 39
Tina Hill-GarrenToledo, OhioAge 37
Crystal HuntToledo, OhioAge 39
Lisa HurtWeston, OhioAge 31
Brandy HurttDefiance, OhioAge 23
Regina KennedyBenton Ridge, OhioAge 50
Cori KeyToledo, OhioAge 26
Dana KobersteinToledo, OhioAge 29
Linda LambertPerrysburg, OhioAge 37
Linsi LightMontpeiler, OhioAge 19
Wendy MayToledo, OhioAge 24
Michelle MieleckiToledo, OhioAge 21
Vivian MorrisToledo, OhioAge 30
Susan ReamToledo, OhioAge 33
Lori RiveraToledo, OhioAge 37
Gabriella RojasFremont, OhioAge 26
Mary Rose McCollumToledo, OhioAge 33
Tamika RowlandToledo, OhioAge 20
Theresa SahadiTownship, OhioAge 77
Sandra SmithPemberville, OhioAge 48
Shantae SmithToledo, OhioAge 18
Mary Lou StevensonToledo, OhioAge 49
Debra StoutNorthwood, OhioAge 49
Kathy WanglerLima, OhioAge 48
Takia WatsonToledo, OhioAge 14
Stephanie WhitakerLima, OhioAge 20


How to Host a Display

Community organizations are invited to borrow all or part of the Silent Witness collection for display at public events. In this way, the community can remember girls and women lost to domestic violence, show awareness of the devastating effects of violence in the Northwest Ohio community, and advocate for an end to these senseless losses of life. Local community organizations, centers, businesses, schools, universities, colleges and places of worship are welcome to borrow one or more of the Silent Witnesses.

If you are interested in borrowing the Silent Witnesses, please download the “Contract for Borrowing Silent Witness” form and e-mail it with your request to Bethany House at or fax to (419)729-2053.

Before committing to host a Silent Witness display, please read below the guidelines for hosting a Silent Witness display listed below.


It is understood that at least one person from the hosting agency/organization/department will remain with the Silent Witness display at all times. This is to safeguard the display and ensure someone of authority is available to assist with any potential problems.

It is understood that at least one person from the hosting agency/organization/department will assist with the setting up and taking down of the Silent Witness display.

It is understood that each Silent Witness figure will be covered by their shrouds when transported or stored.

It is understood that to provide an outdoor display of the Silent Witness Project proper weather conditions must be in force. Temperature must be above 50 degrees, winds must be below 20 mph, and rains cannot be more than a light sprinkle.

It is understood that any staff person or volunteer at the display will have received and read the Silent Witness Project Information Packet. Volunteers can read this packet to get acquainted with the history and goals of the display and be able to answer questions by viewers of the display. All volunteers will freely pass out materials to viewers of the display and make themselves approachable for questions.

It is understood that if members of the media arrive at a display, the following information is to be obtained: name of media source, name of individual, and date of expected publication. It is also understood that the following information is to be given to the reporter/photographer: The Silent Witness Project brochure and contact information for Bethany House. All information regarding media sources should be shared with Bethany House as soon as possible.

It is understood that prior to any publication of flyers/posters/public service announcement, etc., Bethany House will review all material. All materials will include the phrase “The Northwest Ohio Silent Witness Project is housed and maintained by Bethany House.”

Click here to download the “Contract for Borrowing Silent Witness” form.

How to Sponsor a Silent Witness

An important way to support the Northwest Ohio Silent Witness Project is by sponsoring one or more Silent Witness figures. Silent Witnesses can be sponsored by individuals or groups. Local businesses or organizations are also encouraged to make monetary donations to support the project. The cost to sponsor a Silent Witness figure is $75.00.

Click here to begin that process.

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