Dear Friend,

It took a small group of women who cared deeply about the needs of families in Toledo several years to open Bethany House. After a needs assessment made it clear that long-term shelter and resources for survivors of domestic violence were critically needed, these women put in the work raising funds and awareness of domestic violence. Spearheaded by Sr. Rose Therese Lange, Bethany House became one of the first transitional shelters for survivors in the United States in 1984. After nearly 40 years of providing safe shelter, advocacy and resources to survivors of domestic violence, the relationships between Bethany House and the people we serve are still built to last. 

Building a plan for long-term emotional and financial stability is an uphill climb, to say the least. Bethany House shelter advocates work with participants to recover and begin building a strong foundation. Then, the Step↑Up Program offers extended advocacy services to survivors completing the shelter program. Step↑Up provides survivors with continued access to resources to meet basic needs and achieve goals – such as permanent housing, better employment, education, and therapy. 

With advocacy for those who rent onsite Step↑Up apartments at below-market rates and those who are ready to leave the Bethany House building, the Step↑Up program is constantly growing. After 7 years of program building, we knew it was time to devote a full-time advocate solely to the Step↑Up Program. Enter, Joie Holt. She is a bright new light at Bethany House. Full of enthusiasm and determination and armed with years of experience in advocacy, we are so glad she is here. Welcome to the team, Joie!

A busy season is approaching, and we want to keep you up to date on upcoming events. For the next few months, we’ll keep a rolling list of important dates for your reference in the newsletter. As always, it’s the commitment and generosity of the community that keeps this mission moving forward.

On behalf of Bethany House Staff, Board, and Volunteers,
Thank you for your faith in Bethany House and survivors of domestic violence.

Deidra Lashley                   
Executive Director   

Current Needs - Antiseptic Spray, Cleaning Supplies, Shampoo, Conditioner, Dry Swiffer Pad Refills. Donate through our Amazon Charity List or contact to schedule a donation drop-off.

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Together we give survivors of domestic

violence time and space to heal.