Dear Friend,

Your generosity is essential to maintaining Bethany House’s services. Each year, survivors fleeing domestic violence find safe long-term transitional shelter for themselves and their children at Bethany House. In an act of true courage, survivors arriving at Bethany House have undertaken the risk of escaping their abuser. Given time, resources, and advocacy, survivors at Bethany House employ the same resilience that helped them escape violence to rebuild their emotional, physical, and financial well-being.

Domestic violence may occur in secret, but its effects ripple into communities, disrupting peace and productivity, resulting in surprising public social and economic costs. Each dollar donated to Bethany House saves our community $65.00. How? When survivors and their children heal, social costs for police enforcement, lost work productivity, legal system, and mental health service are all reduced.

Words like these, shared by a survivor as she moved into permanent housing, motivate us:

“Bethany House is a beautiful, peaceful, safe feeling community with a staff whose hearts are truly involved here.”

Bethany House fosters this community by providing opportunities to survivors and their children, BUT it takes all of us working together to bring an end to abuse in our homes and communities. Over the last year, our amazing donors bridged a financial gap created by extreme cuts to our largest source of federal funding. Unfortunately, that gap in funding will stretch into the next two years. Your continued support is critical at this time.

Thank you for giving! Each small act, including supporting Bethany House with your financial gift, is an act of hope for a community free from domestic violence.


Deidra Lashley                 Brad Rieger
Executive Director           Chairperson, Board Trustees

Together we give survivors of domestic
violence time and space to heal.